art farm_001

A piece that Corcosman Voom had on display for the last week or so.

And 2015 is almost done. Medici University and Art Farm were a huge part of my virtual life and indeed the life of my human this year.

art farm_002

A view of the sandbox.

I have this documentary photo blog. Veyot has posted a Vimeo with a final look around the Farm. I’m so glad she filmed it before I took down my gallery and film set!

Also there is a notice out of the next steps….The Wanderlust Project. It will start in the Wanderlust Diner. There is also a small city up in the sky. This is courtesy of aemeth lysette and Serra Quendra.

art farm 3


As for me, I want a break.

I hope to maintain some of the friendships I’ve made. As many of us experience in Second Life, most of the people on my contact list don’t actually have time to speak to me. I’ve noticed I’ve been purged in some of the year end clearings out.

There are things I want to tweak on my main blog, Million Happy Endings. I intend to play with machinima for a while and do more creative 2D photos. I feel like avoiding the Flickr and WordPress feeds for a while. I like this Whole process to happen more organically.

I can slowly learn some building again. (I’ve forgotten what little I’ve learned.)  I am less interested in the academic and philosophical aspects of creativity in SL than the people I’ve come into contact with. Or at least in having discussions about them. (I feel comfortable talking with Art Oluja about these things though.)

I would like to do more story telling. But I like being immersed as a character who is on a creative journey in a virtual world. Any sketching and real life art I want to keep in the physical world as much as possible. This is another area where I differ from many of the avatars I’ve met. This is not saying that this journey is less meaningful to me.

It matters to me. The way I do it is enough. I can find meaning in the liminal areas of a virtual creative journey.

So I will make a new blog, details coming soon. I guess I can organize it into categories of my private journey, my interfacing with the Wanderlust Project ( or VB Friends community) and also my experiences with LEA artists and sims.

Last year I explored opensim but I really don’t have time to spread myself that thin, unless something changes. The things I’m interested in, like machinima, I can’t leave for too long due to the ephemeral, perishable nature of virtual worlds.

Maybe I can make up nicknames for the three categories to decrease the likelihood of the blog being found. I am not hiding, I just don’t want to deal with the opinions of others.

Let me have this one area of my life, please!

art farm 4

As I’ve mentioned before, I will add some of the documentary videos here as they become available. I may share these links to a select few who might be interested in the memories here. This meant a lot to others too, I know. They just weren’t as prone to blogging as I am. Or perhaps they have secret stashes of memories too.

A wonderful stepping stone and learning experience!

art farm 5



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