Party Planning

party planning 1

The evening of the 29th, Marie and I had been talking about her telenovela. Serra Quendra wandered by and soon a litle party plan was thrown together for the following evening. Of course, we couldn’t accommodate all time zones and many people are not logging in during the holidays so there is that.

party planning 2

After Serra and I rode around on the gator (Marie wants a gator scene in her machinima) the party idea randomly came to be. Serra eventually made an opaque glass dance floor above the sandbox. My contribution was showing up and collecting some seating for around the edges of the floor.

party planning 3

Serra showed us a photo she’d taken of Medici University at the end of LEA round 8.

party planning 4

Marie got to work on creating a rezzable invitation for the party, the next evening between 8 and 11 p.m. SLT.

Notices were sent out. Jessica Pixel was to provide the live stream.

party planning 5

Here the party area was beginning to take shape. I don’t have photos of the event but I have a few film clips that will show up somewhere eventually.

party planning 6

A view of Unsanctioned Art from the platform.

And this is part of the value of networking and community. Things just come together sometimes.


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