Yolanda! 3

This is really not my story to tell but I can tell a little of it. It’s part of how Art Farm operated. In the photo above I’m sitting in RMarie Beedit’s barrio studio. She’s been quite busy the last six weeks, doing some admin duties and also assisting Newton Mr with his Transformational Creativity workshop at Metamorfaces.

This was a few days before our time at LEA 28 was up. Newton, shown above, mentioned that Marie had a last minute idea for a film. I made myself available as the character, Yolanda.

Yolanda 1

A very minimal amount of discussion took place in e-mail, mainly about the selection of my wardrobe. Some filming got done in the barrio when Marie logged on and also out by the car when we left the party on the 30th. Isadora Alaya and Art Oluja joined us. Some filming was done at a hospital too.

Yolanda 2

This was the outfit Marie had me wear. Later I wore a pink hospital gown. More filming will have to be done, I think. But I trust it will all come together.

Yolanda! 4

Newton has the film equipment but it is Marie’s production. I filmed a bit of studio lot filming which will show up somewhere eventually.

After Marie logged on, the talk soon turned to a last minute party which I’ll post about next.


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