Photos on the Hard Drive

12_31 1

It’s actually the last day of 2015. These are photos on the hard drive of my HP laptop. My human is carrying over many projects into the New Year but we’re going to make a last dash effort on a few of them, including wrapping up the posts here at this blog. There will be some video clips that will have to wait, of course. Last night I filmed a little of the closing party. I knew I wouldn’t be able to take photos as well at the same time because of crashing.

Above is a frame by Veyot around the picture I put on the wall of her film set, taken of me IN the film set.

12_31 2

Here is Bethany Blue’s project at an earlier stage. She ran out of time this session but is going to finish it in a sandbox.

12_31 3

This is RMarie Beedit, taken some weeks ago before these spots were filled. I may have used some of the photos before. I’m really not taking the time to look.

12_31 4

I know this was taken weeks ago, when Bethany first mentioned her project. I did some filming of this scene which is linked to from a previous post.

I got a year end analytic report from WordPress. Evidently I might have up to three mystery readers, although perhaps it’s just one that has been checking regularly. That has added much to my enjoyment and amusement of documenting this project.

12_31 5

There were odd visitors late at night. There is one blending into the background, sort of above my head in the photo) and he communicated oddly too.

12_31 6

The Planet sandbox was quite lively the last few weeks. Well, before that too.

12_31 7

I love the landscaping Art Oluja did for me at my SLollywood film set.

12_31 8

And I don’t know when I’ll ever have the available prims to use this Victorian home again. There is talk of where we will  move to next but I won’t go into that here. Not now.

12_31 9

A shot of the tree I put up at Unsanctioned.

Actually I am seriously thinking of starting another low key blog of my ongoing creativity journey. This will include other avatars as well but in a more personal, organic way than the way I report on Million Happy Endings. I will continue to respect people’s privacy and be generally positive.

12_31 10

This is a view towards the front door of Elle’s theater gallery. The images of the art on the walls are blurry. These are cropped photos but otherwise unedited.

I’m going to change the date for this to several days ago. There will likely be a few more photos because I’m going to check my other computer.

After that, there will be a few videos as I can get them done for the winding down of Art Farm Co-op, LEA 28, round 9.



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