Transylvanian Tower Gallery

af 21

There are still a lot of prims available to use at Art Farm. I removed one of the two little greenhouses and rezzed the Transylvanian Tower from the Golden Oriole.

af 14

RMarie was around sort of AFK and we chatted a little.

af 15

There are several levels to the tower. I don’t know if anyone will bother to climb it to look at my art but that isn’t why I’m doing it anymore.

af 16

These are the blended pieces I’ve done. I could post them to this blog and maybe I’ll do that soon.

af 17

Some of them are very colorful, others not so much. I like working on them.

af 18

There’s a hang out place on the first level and maybe I can find time to be there in the coming days.

af 19

I did all this in a few hours.

af 20

I’ve attended the two part workshops given by Newton Mr at Metamorfaces. My piece for the second workshop is called Savoring the Liminal Phase, a triptych of blended photos. I went ahead and rezzed it behind my gallery.

af 22



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