af 10

I put a tree in the Victorian film set. I’ve filmed more in it, collecting clips that I’ll work on after the new year.

af 11

Bethany Blue looking at her set for the impression of a painting using posed avatars.

af 8

Unfortunately, in order to fill up SLollywood, people have been invited who are less than pleasant. I’ve heard some harsh things about what we’re about here, from visitors and also some of the newer participants. It wasn’t directed at me personally and I managed to remain civil.

af 9

I was so amazed at the criticism being dished out that I listened as the avatar said awful things and called our creations crap and went on in a rant about what all we’re doing wrong. I showed him some of my art and a link to a machinima I made but he didn’t say awful things to my pixel face about it.

The fact is there are more inconsiderate, self-serving, rude jerks around SLollywood lately. It’s one of the reason I’ve been avoiding the place but I’m carrying on with what is important to me.

af 12

Quinn Leilani and I have been filming lately and I’ll edit the clips eventually.

af 13

We filmed a few scenes at Watercolors in the Rain as well as Metamorfaces, Recursion and The Egg.


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