Unsanctioned Art

af 1

I haven’t had much time for Art Farm lately. I’ve been productive though, just haven’t been communicating with people there. In the photo above I’m standing in front of Serra Quendra’s gallery which now looks like a spot of winter.

af 2

I really like the gallery Veyot has rezzed. It’s a building she’s made, you can’t see in the windows but you can see out. And there are memories for me in the art. The art to the left of the photo was taken through a window on a field trip to Ernest Hemingway’s studio at the University of Arkansas sim in SL. It happened during the Medici University grant in the spring.

af 3

There’s a section of the wall has an image that gives a spacious feeling to the small gallery.

af 4

The image on the wall is from art in the sandbox at the Summer Session. Through the one-way window you can see Tiffany Mosienko’s space and beyond that, Watercolors in the Rain.

Unsanctioned Quadrant

Another photo gives a feeling of space. It was taken a few weeks ago at my film set in SLollywood. Veyot and I were talking.

af 5

RMarie and I have put a few holiday decorations at Unsanctioned. There isn’t a variety of traditions but I’m not going to go shopping for more things.

af 6

I added a couple of vintage looking pieces to the Innovative display. These are blended photos of avatars and public domain images from the British Library.

af 7

Here are blended images. The avatar is Rain Collins.


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