Art Meeting

art meeting_001

Tiffany Mosienko facilitated the Wednesday evening art discussion. We talked about Art History and our processes. My approach is different as I was once again reminded.

art meeting_002

Trilby Minotaur and Savage Taurus joined Elle, Tiffany and me.

art meeting_003

art meeting_004

The sun goes down while during the time these meetings happen.


In the memories gallery, Elle has added a photo taken at a music streaming held at SLollywood recently. Veyot rezzed a photo taken of us in my film set.


I made the photo I took in the barrio much larger and added it to the Innovations display.


Dulcis Taurog has added things to the gallery. The green cube moves and changes color.


I added some blended art to my gallery. I think I’ll move them to the smaller squares on the Innovations space since no one else is putting things up.


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