Photos on this Hard Drive

friday night_001

RMarie Beedit at SLollywood several weeks ago.

I found these photos on the hard drive of this laptop that I use for machinima. I thought I’d posted them to this blog already and some of them may well be here. I don’t have time to keep things organized better.

friday night_002

Isadora had stopped by the Victorian house at SLollywood and given me some machinima inspiration which I believe I wrote about. This was before I had the furniture set up.

friday night_003

I’ve watched her live streaming on Twitch TV since.

friday night_004

I am feeling time pressure and when my technology seems slower and slower it makes me feel like jumping out of my skin.


I talked to RMarie again really late Thanksgiving night. She was baking; I didn’t bother to change the light setting on my viewer.


I don’t really know why I like to snap photos while I’m chatting.


We were multi-tasking and instead of sitting down we just stood in front of my gallery.


Several machinima ago, I had finished filming and stepped away from the laptop. When I came back a one day old avatar was growling at me and trying to attack. I didn’t respond and he went away. But I guess he counts as an Art Farm visitor.



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