Write the Plank

mon 11 23_006

I put the two books I made on an upper floor of Walk the Plank. This photo was actually taken at my place on the mainland, but these are copies of the book.


I’d like to have time to put some grafitti up. There are boards we can put writing on but the owner hasn’t friended me yet so that I can edit them.


Yes, I get tired of people taking lots of selfies but I like the lines and colors here. It’s relaxing and later I sometimes get creative ideas. The thing is, I’m not able to write well these days and Write the Plank is about writing.


There’s flooding this weekend. It sounds like it might be an accident but who knows. I think it’s cool and so I went to take photos.


There is a ready made ship, a small boat and a treehouse after all so this isn’t really a problem.


The creeks are wider throughout Art Farm but most of the areas aren’t greatly affected.


Here’s the photo on the wall of the Walk the Plank tree house. All these pieces of art in my inventory. But it’s the process that is important to me.


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