Unsanctioned Art


Most of the galleries have been transitioning over the last two weeks. Elle Thorkveld is right on it, putting up a new sign and reminding avatars to switch out their galleries.


Pilgrimage Two by RMarie Beedit.


This is an area for new work. I put a photo up and also one on the Memories display.

art chat_004

We had a meeting on Wednesday and will have them every week. It was a nice turnout and I got a good idea of where some of the avatars are coming from regarding their art and work.

art chat_005

Many of the others have different values from me among other things and that’s fine. I’ll create stuff and hang out in my spaces. I like being by the water.


Tiffany Mosienko is enjoying her virtual life these days.


Her stamps have taken lots of effort.


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