First day of Session 2. Six weeks. This is the Scarlet Creative gatcha house I’m using for my film studio.


Last night I put furniture in it. I was using my imagination as I did so about different story lines. I don’t know which ones will end up in a machinima.

Isadora Alaya stopped by and inspired me. Instead of throwing a lot of facts at me about what I should be doing to improve my work and how to do it she put her twitch tv stream up and I watched off and on. She was using Firestorm and also the ChouChou Hud. I can practice with those. Even if I have to wait to get better equipment I can grow with these tools. And she has given me permission to ask questions. And this is what I like about Art Farm.


Art Oluja might join us. Cake passed her a base on Thursday. Someone had their eye on it last night and then today I noticed someone else had put something down.

There’s probably time for everyone to film and photograph to their heats content if we all just communicate. There’s been some churlish remarks and obstructionist attitudes because some avatars humans are having challenging times and bringing it inworld. I can care about them but I can walk away from those vibes.


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