End of Fall Session 1

attention to details

I’m finishing up Fall Session 1 documentation here on this blog. It looks like my gallery will be up for a while longer. I’m not sure which of two buildings to replace it with. Maybe three weeks in each one. I don’t feel like making a decision to have it over ruled by someone who isn’t speaking up now.

an ant farm end_003

There was a decent turn out, some people leaving and others coming later. It was also noticeable who was absent. I’d been so torn about doing this and going to the Future of StoryTelling event in opensim which I really, really wanted to attend. I have 2 laptops but simply wasn’t up for doing both. I haven’t been feeling well at all.

an ant farm end_007

We spent a fair amount of time milling about in order to get a photo. Veyot has some good ones up on Flickr by now.

A few people shared a little about their projects. I mentioned needing models for my new one but I crashed later without getting the info down so will depend on memory and winging it.

an ant farm end_010

There are notes up on MU Talk about possible ideas for next session. I’m not sure what will happen. Frankly I’m feeling rather detached.

an ant farm end_012

This was taken at Tiffany Mosienko’s studio space. She’s found time to be in SL more and is engaged in activities and having a good run of it. It’s great to see.

an ant farm end_016

Later there was dancing. I couldn’t hear a thing and just read local chat until I crashed.

Now there’s two weeks of break and then six weeks of Fall Session 2. It is rather amazing to think that one whole year of my life will have been partly focused on VB Friends group in the LEA grant sims. I’m liking that I documented a lot of this because I’m finding memories slipping away.


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