Photo Contest at Ville de Couer


There is a photo contest for taking pictures in the five Ville de Couer regions. Only one photo can be submitted by each person. I spent a pleasant few hours traveling over the regions and snapped a lot of photos. Mostly I entered for the exercise of it and to walk my talk about it being fine for us all to be creative and participate.

I randomly chose one of the handful of photos I liked better and took a peek at what other people had submitted. I thought every single one was better than mine but decided to go ahead. It took a lot of work because I struggled with the aspect ratio. I had totally forgotten whatever understanding I might have once had. It’s done and I haven’t heard that something was wrong.

Late Afternoon
Late Afternoon

This is the photo I entered. Some of the other ones I did are better but this is a more interesting subject. I noticed that most of the other entries I’ve seen so far have avatars in them.


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