It Happened


I just spent most of the day preparing a blog post with photos of the galleries that are up, inviting people to visit and to attend the meeting/party on Sunday in case any aspiring artists want to take this path to meeting other avatars and perhaps someday filling out an LEA artist-in-resident-grant proposal. I then linked to it in two google+ communities, MU Talk and sent a notice in the VB group. And then I let it go….floating out through the vast web, scattered to who-knows-where. But Fall Session 1 happened.

In the above photo, Emma stopped by to chat while I was working on something.


Elle has added another 3D piece and she got her sculpture entered into UWA Pursue Impossible contest in time.


Dulcis Taurog has added to her gallery.


This is a piece that AlexandreLois1 has up. I’ve heard his music and seen some of his 3D art. He’s very talented. In other circles I’ve heard criticism and bewilderment at people doing “flat” art in virtual worlds, also in the physical world for that matter. I really, really like some of the 2D pieces by this artist and I would never have known or seen them if he hadn’t gotten around to putting them out because he was so focused on his innovative music and 3D sculpture.


Alegra in her photography gallery themed “Sweet Melancholy”.



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