A Little Newness at Pop Up Galleries


Inside a dynamic creation by Dulcis Taurog.

It’s been a quiet week in Second Life. Again. I haven’t had the heart to log in much. Some of the quiet may be due to the tremendous changes we’re all going through, people responding to the work they must do on things coming up. And I applaud those who are actually dealing with their own shit even if I don’t want to hear the details. The ongoing changes to virtual worlds makes the hardware some of us have, including mine, struggle and take a toll on enjoyment and accessibility. There are weather challenges some are dealing with.

I don’t know how the elections here in the United States are impacting usage of other folks who log into Second Life but my local election has taken my focus, time and energy. There’s a mayoral candidate who has stated that the refugee population here is “a blight on the city” and that the bill to protect clean water “isn’t worth it”. I see an ever increasing divide between those who understand that we’re all connected, who have varying degrees of compassion and those who are basically self serving of themselves, the circle they identify as their “kind”, who look to see what’s in it for them and don’t see beyond protecting what they’ve “got”.


AlexandreLois1 has added some art to his space including several “most expensive art in SL” pieces coming in at 10,000 Lindens a piece.

I’ve noticed that someone has been viewing this blog, someone in North America and I’m relieved that their identity is a secret from me. Even though I’d like to be less influenced by any audience I may have, I do self-censor. I removed several blogs from my reader for Million Happy Endings this morning, mostly for the beating of the drums of credit, credit, credit. My blogging is for expression of my journey of discovery in Second Life and for sharing that and possibly inspiration to others. When I feel that something is worthy of calling attention to, I like to follow through but I don’t want to shift into serving consumerism and feeling obligated to support those who have no interest in me and no appreciation for what I do. So I’m changing the channel.


Neeva Torok has added more mesh pieces to her space. When I last talked to her several weeks ago, she gave me a photo in which I saw that my viewer simply doesn’t pick up the details of the white pieces, which have a lacy looking trim around the edges.

I’ve made no effort to have this blog found in Search and I use no tags. Maybe it’s the Categories that I must use for some semblance of order here that’s caused it to be discovered. Yesterday I searched for images for an avatar and I was surprised to see unrelated photos from this blog leading back to here.


Tiffany Mosienko has put up a project dealing with Illinois history although this piece above appears to be something different.

I’ve yet to hear any chatter about what people might do for proposals for next session. It would be great to have the individual machinima sets for people to use and avatars willing to show up for casting calls. When people are feeling powerless in their day-to-day lives it might be a temporary fix to be difficult and balk at co-operation inworld. Another idea would be something for NaNoWrimo and all the writers that are out there. But I want to step back and have my name less associated with this dwindling, half-assed project. I have certainly enjoyed and benefited from Ant Farm but I’ve also contributed a lot and am well aware of the huge black hole of diminishing returns.


Here is the main part of Tiffany Mosienko’s installation that in part shows old postage stamps and letters.

This week I want to do some filming in a few of the galleries and also post a brief post to my main blog, mostly because I said I would.

This by no means is discouraging me from making art. It has discouraged me from communicating with people about making art.


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