Youth Hostel

youth hostel

Here’s the new hair and pilot uniform I was mentioning. I have lots of photos of Youth Hostel and will schedule half of them for tomorrow. This is where most of the changes have been happening.

afc 5

This is the overview as of today. I added the airship shown on the left, which was a freebie that I textured.


The three right photos, taken at IIe Sainte Marie-les-Bains are free to buy. I gave copies to Elle and are wondering if anyone will find them and get copies of their own. The ship doesn’t have a ladder and is a little challenging to get in.


I added a butler to the corner area.


Most of the new additions are from Serra and some from Veyot. It is looking more like autumn.


More flowers have been added.


Some of the condos look more seasonal.




Little details are being added all the time.

There are still 8610 available prims.


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