Cafe Society

cs 1

I spent way too many Lindens on this martial arts thing that I won’t use. I like the animations but the thing itself is kind of ugly. It turned out that Bibbe either had or bought martial arts animations with a HUD and they worked fine. I filmed her at this location, Maxine’s Cabins on Saturday. She is quite busy and I’ve been trying to get together with her while also giving the sim owner a heads up that we will use the place.

cs 2

The location is really special. I am finished filming Bibbe at this location. I’ll ask if my alt can be put on the access list to film me here. I got some stuff at the Geeks ‘N Nerds event. I wasn’t kidding when I said that films can be inspired by shopping.

I wasn’t planning on getting new hair but I did. It’s by Mina and called Edith. I always wear black hair. It is different in that it looks white and you pick a color from a HUD. I figured it out but it has 128 memory. I have always had really, really low scripts. The total outfit I am wearing, hair, boots and pilot suit is 400 scripts.

The pilot suit uses a HUD too, to select either an urban camouflage or woodland. The thing is, it has Canadian patches on it. I am too uninterested in figuring out how to make custom patches. But I’m thinking I will use this as a costume.

cs 3

The idea has come to me that I could put in a proposal to have a quadrant of small sets for filming. It could be more of a variety with builders putting up their unique pieces, and avatars getting credit for acting, etc. But I won’t.

Honestly, the community has really waned. That part I can handle but it seems that any proposal gets changed and the “leader” of it ends up with some sort of assignment that is kind of off and uninteresting and skewed from their original vision.

So I’m going to work around this without breaking rules. I don’t really care about the tech parts now although I did change my fps on Fraps from 30 to 24 which I was told would help. I’m using the Lab viewer and have only been using Firestorm for opensim.

I will collect little clips and then patch them together. Hell, that is how I’ve had to live my life. I’ve never had the luxury of being able to make a plan and having the space, support and resources I need to carry it through.


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