snapshot 10

Back from a two day break. All the time I spend waiting around to move creative projects forward when I’m inworld a lot, I had a backlog of stuff to deal with when I logged back in today. As I type this, I’ve just done two Million Happy Endings posts about Burn 2, publishing one today and one is scheduled for tomorrow. And this is where my avatar is resting, in the celluloid condos at Youth Hostel.

This is what I see, my draw distance. I have horrid lag these days and when scrolling through the blog feed I saw posts about more upgrades to the viewer coming.

art store

I looked at the area where Art Oluja is going to film her first machinima at Metamorfaces. And then made a quick visit to her maybe store, shown here, which she’s going to create when she has time. I dearly love people sharing their works in progress with me and appreciate the trust shown.


I showed her the mini-installation she gave me in my new land. Yes, I bought a 512 plot from my friend Kate in Montara under the Hooper Bridge and set up the Orangery by Culprit that I had for a studio at MU.


There were other things to attend to before I made it back to Ant Farm for a quick look around. Serra Quendra is changing her gallery, shown above.


And Veyot has something up too. I know she’s at Burn 2 as much as she can be this week where she has a Tree of Mirrors installation. Inside the little building here is a texture change picture. Here it’s showing a photo of Alex which slowly changes into a tree.


I was immensely cheered by the sight of “stolen art” next door to my celluloid condo. Now, I have been generous in giving out my art. These pieces were framed because I wanted the look in my Classic and Surreal Museum and I didn’t think I could transfer them so I didn’t bother. But to my amusement, these copies are next door at my neighbors now and the description is “stolen art”.


Here you can see the photos in my condo as well as the neighbor’s in the right of the photo. All these little overlooked details in virtual reality and physical reality that so few see. I must not think of it now.



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