Fall Session 1 ~ Week Two


I have more photos on the other laptop. I have been experiencing a great deal of lag lately on both of them along with hard crashes that take a while to recover from. I get a lot of Second Life (not responding) and the few people I’ve mentioned it to are having the same issues.

I’ve been distracted with things. My friend Kate wanted to sell her 512 plot in Montara so I got a Premium account and bought it. With all the problems I have, I will try it for a year. I know several people log in and out there and I love the area.

My credit card company freaked out and thought someone was making a fraudulent purchase to a “video arcade” and I had to sort that out but it has settled down now by the weekend.

The above photo shows Elle, Cake and me talking at the hobo area at Youth Hostel. Quite a bit has changed since then. More added and I am letting the documentation of it go for a bit.


I’m showing RMarie the Kowloon building I want to use for my next gallery. It is no longer available so I got it in time. I see these all over the mainland and am pleased to have one. I have a deeper feeling about it and don’t know if I will delve into that. Sometimes I think it might be best to leave the words as shallow and surface things.


Here Isadora Alaya has joined us. She and I have been talking about machinima lately and how hard it is to organize people in SL. I will have to rely on myself as an actor more and less on others.

I have tried Kimika Ying’s invisible cube as a filming tool and am disappointed to learn that it is indeed my crappy connection that is causing a lot of the jerky camera movement. I have had to make a decision to continue with what I have instead of giving up.

scripts and elle

Here Elle is helping me with the animated piece I will enter in to the UWA competition. (Maybe). Again, it is my lag that is making a lot of the blurriness although her piece looks less blurry than mine.

She has been so generous and helpful. I love being able to experience co-operation and generosity. Perhaps there is hope for humanity.


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