Quinn 1

A few more things are showing up in the gallery quadrant every day and I might document some of it soon. An egg named Quinn visited me.

I’m dressed like this because I did some filming this morning. The actor, RMarie Beedit played the otter, Pan Doh. I’m dressed as the Sun-Day character.


Marie has put some kind of fog or smoke in her installation area.


A rabbit visited this evening.

I made a piece to possibly enter in the UWA contest. I bought leaping animations, six of them and wore the slip dress I have on in the photo. I took six photos at Metamorfaces and then layered them with the animation photos. Then I uploaded them and added a texture timer. Simple. It’s kind of blurry but then so is the glitch face one I made and some people can see it. No matter, I’m done with it.


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