Youth Hostel

yh 1

I’ve been really busy in both First and Second Life but not the sorts of things that require photos. I have a few anyway. The hobo camp is growing a little and we’ve had some good talks in the evenings.

yh 2

I believe we’re going to be leaving our galleries up for three weeks instead of two. Youth Hostel is abandoned except for us.

yh 3

I need to be careful about volunteering myself to take up more of the slack.


Isadora has made the meditation platform seen on the right of the photo. There’s room for about five cushions.


There were particles that looked pretty in the midnight setting.


By morning there was a hill with a Japanese garden that held up the meditation platform.

Meditation Party

It was a meditation party. And we had a few more photos to add to the Ant Farm Flickr.

Quinn 2

And a couple of tents have been added, Quinn and Serra’s.


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