Community and Adding Art

day 2_001

Playing with photography in the Classic and Surreal Gallery

ssag 1

Kimika visited.

I hung out at the gallery while working on a blog post about Ant Farm for my main blog, Million Happy Endings. John from Windlight Magazine reblogged it on WordPress and Tumblr, Ann Owita linked to it on ScoopIt Second Life and I added it to three communities on google +. It has a lot of links and I put way more work into it than I usually do. Now I’m going back to my typical way of posting.

ssag 2

I’ve enjoyed putting my art up in frames. It’s the sort of small size I don’t like to see in galleries but in this case, it is the look of the whole building, not the individual pieces that is what I’m showing.

ssag 3

I selected three of my glitch pieces and added them to Elle’s gallery, making a little name plate to go with them.

ssag 4

Art Oluja came by to put a few pieces in. I’d offered to let her rez posters and whatever she wanted but she kept with the theme of this space and made something especially for it.

ssag 5

She changed the column’s color so the face shows up better. See it? Daewonsong Sorrowsong came over too. Right now I don’t have a photo of the face pieces she added. All of us were multi-tasking that day.

I’ve been spending time documenting some of the behind the scenes activities at Metamorfaces and generally hanging out too. It is a fun and valuable experience to be watching the process.

ssag 6

Art added a few pieces to Elle’s gallery. The hat I’m wearing is by RMarie Beedit and there’s a hat giver upstairs in the Classic and Surreal Gallery.

ssag 7

Art, Dae and I watched Elle play in the large sculpture area.

ssag 8

We convinced Dae to make some art and rez it. His photography is very good; I’ve seen photos he’s done on the Metamorfaces Flickr group.

ssag 9

He put up a glitched cat. He’s added another piece since I took the photo. I’m writing this up a day later.


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