Galleries Day 2

day 1_001

The Pop Up Self Serve Gallery section is blooming nicely. Elle Thorkveld, who facilitates, it shows up at various times during the day and is patient and welcoming.

day 1_002

Elle and I, along with Kimika Ying, chat often.

day 1_003

I’m so pleased that RMarie Beedit has taken time to set up an installation on the upper floor of my gallery.

day 1_004

This is a spot I’ll be hanging out in a lot for the two weeks. Kimika has a new machine and filmed an overview of the gallery and continues to add photos to the Flickr Group. That takes a lot of self-imposed pressure off me that these fleeting rezzings are going by with no documentation.

day 1_011

RMarie setting up her Pilgrimage installation.

day 1_013

day 1_015

Later we relaxed at the Glitch and Animation Gallery


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