Pop Up Gallery Set up

Art Farm Co-op Fall Sesion 1

This is the fourth day of Fall Session 1. I’ve been very busy and this blog has fallen by the way the last few days. I do have some photos to fling about. Today’s pictures are the ones that I added to the Flickr group a few days ago.

Art Farm Fall Session 1 Open

Kimika Ying did great with laying out the gallery section and putting up a structure for the sculpture garden.

Art Farm Glitch and Animation Gallery

Elle set up a Glitch and Animation Gallery for her work. At this point I, Art Oluja, Daewonsong Sorrowsong and RMarie Beedit have added pieces.

Art Farm; Classic and Surreal; Drinking and Drawing

I’ve put up a building by Tess Spargel that I’ve been waiting 3 years to use.

I’m going to have this post scheduled for yesterday, not wanting to scramble to keep up.


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