Looking Forward to Fall Session 1


The themes for the first fall session have been chosen. I’m most excited about working with Elle in the gallery quadrant. It is called Self-Serve Art Gallery or something like that.

In the above photo Elle and I are stopping by Van Caerndow’s Drinking and Drawing class which was held even though the floor was missing and session was over.

I have Elle’s blessing to put up an old building by Tess Spargel. It was a limited edition for a fund raiser for a SL builder who needed surgery and would lose income during recuperation time. I love the textures in it.

There will likely be remarks about how it doesn’t look “open” but there is enough of a trailer park look around Ant Farm that some classic art for two weeks won’t kill anyone.

platform 1

I want to have classic and surreal art and sculpture in it. I have set out a bunch of classic photos in case not many join me. I believe RMarie will put out some of her hats and I’ve talked to Art about putting out a mini-installation of her LEA 10 Metamorfaces build.

platform 2

Some of the photos are in silver and gold frames. (This was taken in my skybox.)


RMarie showed me some Gif examples she’d made a long time ago. The location here is the Monkey Temple, her build at Izar.

I hope to film my gallery and will do several casting calls to get people to mill about in it.


I made a slide show sign with three textures. One simply says Museum.

Classic and Surreal

One says Classic and Surreal; Fine Art Collective.

Founded in 1915

And this is fun for me!

I have a lot to do and don’t want to get a false sense of security that I have all these preparations in place.


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