WIP Gif Samples

A few days ago I posted a slide show of my glitch art here and also several gifs of video clips. It was learning and practice. I struggled to get them into SL. Since then I’ve learned that shared media in SL often doesn’t work or doesn’t work well.

I tried to demonstrate them at the Sunday morning party which I posted about yesterday. It didn’t work. Oddly I wasn’t mortified; everyone was patient and supportive with everyone. The energy felt great.

So later I made a short film clip, 34 seconds, of the samples on my platform where they did work. I posted it to flickr and mentioned it once in VB Friends chat. Somehow it got selected for Flickr Explore, something I’d never noticed before. It is a curated collection of recent photos, all from first life.

The cover of the short video is blacked out and with WIP Gif Samples in the title it’s been viewed 4,711 times as of this writing right now. At first it was weird until I figured out what was going on.

WIP Gif Samples

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