End Party 1

I’ve been busy. The summer session is closed and the first fall session will begin on the 26th of this month. I’ve already planned the studio I will set up. Even though it’s for only two weeks I have two avatars saying that they will contribute something to my gallery, I have art of my own ready to put into it and I will make the most of those two weeks. More on this in another post.

The above photo shows some of the avatars attending the Sunday morning end-of-session party where some of us showed our work or put on performances. I was busy getting it filmed to take many photos but I have a few.

End Party 2

Cake showed us some of her first life paintings based in the world of Second Life

End Party 3

RMarie Beedit did a wonderful demonstration of using the metaharpers tools. I have it on video clips.

party 1 afterparty

The Saturday evening end of session party was more intimate but enjoyable. Elle showed a demonstration of using the metaharper tools. I have video clips of that too and will edit it soon.

Thursday Ant Farm_001

I didn’t mind taking down the portraits I’ve done. I will use the work again in some other form.


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