Last Week

ant farm_001

A few things are being taken down. Tomorrow is the last day. I’ll take the MUGA studio space down after the Sunday morning exhibit meeting.

ant farm_002

Some of these photos were taken for a potential post on my Main blog. I’m not sure if I’m up for trying to explain what goes on here. My energy levels fluctuate so I’m not sure what I’ll do.

ant farm_003

This photo was taken for the post too. Friday evening I changed the portraits to for sale for 0L so I can see if anyone takes any. It’s way late for that but Veyot mentioned it and I’d been thinking people said they liked the portraits but didn’t bother to actually pick any up.

ant farm_004

There were some new towers being built at Babel. I did a little filming yesterday there.

ant farm_005

I tried to put the little stage in a box for distribution. There was some thing or other keeping the item from being transferred in the box of supplies. I gave up on that; it made me tired too.


More of the Babel construction.

book making

I wonder if I can make a book of some of the portraits. This is the one from the Bare Rose Hunt. The dimensions of the photos I added are off.

Kimika and Neeva

Last night I saw Kimika and Neeva at Babel and we chatted a bit about next session.

last week_001

Last Saturday a few of us, Marie, Veyot and Elle talked about a final show for this weekend.

last week_002

Marie walked around with some thing that made things look different. This is a raw shot.

Sighting 2

Edie popped in very briefly and when I stood in front of her to take this photo, she poofed away.

Thursday Ant Farm_001

I still have some filming of this weekend’s show to do if possible. I’m looking forward to two weeks rest from this.


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