Into the Fourth Week

sunday 23 2_001

Large plants and giant animals are springing up all over Ant Farm.

sunday 23 2_002

There’s more stuff added around the place near my cabin.

sunday 23 2_003

Checking out Babel I stopped to chat with Kimika Ying who’s been quite active there.

sunday 23_003

Chic Aeon is sitting to the left of the picture as the rest of us posed for a photo before going to The Egg where Veyot filmed us playing there.

sunday 23_004

I was going to be an egg but had trouble switching avatars.

sunday 23_005

The machinima turned out really good.

Monday 24_001

I rezzed my two portraits of Art Oluja.

Monday 24_002

There’s a new collage up at Babel Infocalypse. I placed the two shapes at the bottom lower corner.



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