Ending Week Three


Ant Farm’s first session is half way through. Gwynie Beaumont had the opening reception to her glyph sculpture installation Saturday afternoon. I couldn’t be there until several hours later and was pleasantly surprised to see Gwynie, Emma and Trilby still there.


The installation will be up for a week.


I wasn’t able to get any decent filming done but Gwynie did and posted it to Flickr.


Inside the gallery is a retrospective of her work.


On Sunday I rezzed two of the four portraits I did of Neeva. Earlier I attended the Low-Fi meeting where two machinimas –Veyot’s and mine–were screened. Art Oluja, who was in mine and wrote the story, was able to attend along with Fanny Vermont. They had been working at Art’s LEA 10 project earlier and I’d stopped by to film a little of it. At Low-Fi we also discussed Veyot’s plan to film some of us on a trip to The Egg and the upcoming Guerilla Burlesque seminar.


Chic Aeon found us and rezzed a curved screen for her recent film. I took a copy of the screen into inventory and maybe some day I’ll take it out and figure out how to use it. In the meantime I resign myself to watching things on the web.


Serra rezzed a fox near my Ward 81 space I designed for all of us. I’d not been able to find a location with a fox for my film The Painting, at least one that I liked. Now the fox has taken up residence with the birds, goats and other creatures at Art Farm.

I spent several days being dismayed by Edie using the words “entitled spaces” on MU Talk when Oona brought up the subject of not tearing things down and starting over next session so some of us can complete what we’ve started. Such an unfortunate way of handling people. Anyone can come in and rez here.

There’s a rule about being here at least one hour a week but who will enforce that? There are at least two “studio” spaces where there’s art for sale, which is against LEA rules. I spent time and lots of Lindens to set up inviting spaces and my activities are planned to include other people. Now I’m feeling like I don’t want to set up anything next session but to hang out and see if there’s any area I can participate in. At least I have some friends here.

And I’ll take my time finishing my machinima.

Elle's sculpture

One of Elle’s sculptures at Babel. I filmed several of her other sculptures on the stage I build for the Grail film. She kindly resized them and moved them about.

Emma and Kimika

Emma and Kimika outside the space where I do photography at MUGA one evening. I photographed Trilby, Elle and Wilmer this week. The portraits of Art and Elle have been finished. I’ve rezzed the ones of Oona and posted them to Flickr too.


Moping about the “entitled spaces” remarks. Should this be like a glorified sandbox instead? A mall parking lot of 2D and 3D objects? I’m here for community and collaboration. I respond to anyone who wants to talk to me and pay attention to what they’re saying.


Elle at her photoshoot.


Veyot made a base for a collage that we can add things to. I added the two spheres on the left.


Looking at Serra’s stage for us to perform on.

I did quite a bit of filming on location for the Grail film and also for a film for a story Oona wrote earlier in the year for some story prompt pictures I took. The location is in Forgotten City which is closing in September. I have asked several actors but if I run out of time I have an amazing actor in Trilby Minotaur with her many looks and patience for the process.


Patiently waiting for Wilmer Nirvana to tweak his mesh for the photo shoot. It was worth it.


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