Days 6 and 7

day 6_001

This is in the gallery on the MUGA quadrant. I’m having a lot of trouble with Second Life. It might be my internet connection.

day 6_002

Veyot has stacked her rooms with a view.

day 6_003

This too, is at the Babel Infocalypse quadrant.

day 6_004

There is a teleport to a higher level at Ward 81.

day 7_001

Today I walked around as best I could and looked at the changes. I put two textures of the Laserskater photos on prims and rezzed them at the photo studio.

day 7_002

Veyot and Laserskater were watching/ helping somone put out art at Ward 81. My idea of what we are to be doing there is different apparently. I’m wondering if I ought to take my little cabin down.

day 7_003

I could offer no assistance so I lagged away.

day 7_004

There was someone on the upper level. Shortly thereafter I got logged out of Second Life after floating up in some blue space.


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