Day 3

day 3_003

Here I am unsuccessfully attempting to get the attention of Edie Sedgewick and a just-rezzed avatar calling themselves Rick Astley. I typed in local chat but no one ever responded.

It was my understanding that Ward 81 is meant to be a place where we sort of “live” and document what goes on but my experience so far has been of people being AFK.

day 3_006

I was happy to see Veyot and Laserskater stop by. Veyot is an excellent blogger and has already joined the new Edie’s Farm Flickr group so she might be documenting activity. Myra was there also.

day 3_007

I showed them my photography space at MUGA and asked to take their photos.

day 3_008

First Veyot posed for me.

day 3_024

Myra posed for me after Laserskater.

Myra and I talked about the Farm and our art community.


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