Day 2

Tweaking the photo studio.Saturday I picked up a spotlight from a garage sale I was invited to; it’s functional, more than just a prop. I spent a lot of time at the Farm this weekend. My timing was off because there weren’t many others around when I was there.Rezzed the first photos

Rezzed the first photos

I rezzed two of the layered art photos I made of Emma Maybe. There are four that I want to keep.

Sculpture by Elle Thorkveld
Sculpture by Elle Thorkveld

Elle rezzed a sculpture outside her space next door.

Kimiko Ying building at Babel
Kimika Ying building at Babel

I introduced myself to Kimika Ying who was building at Babel. That’s her cute viewing platform on the right.

Kamiko posing
Kimika posing

I asked her to post for me and she graciously did so. By now I have four art photos with her image that I really like.

day 2_014

Someone set out chairs at the Ward.

Oona working
Oona working

Oona was at her space at the Ward, contacting people.


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